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Inventory/Shipping /Inpo & Expo

Vonlay Skincare Cosmetics Manufactoring 
& production will produce a certian amount of quantity 365 days out of the year to service top quality to our customers

Our ingredients for Vonlay will implied aleo vera and the etc for our establishment that would be all natural organic products to the skin.

Vonlay is very concern about our inventory & shipping that is consider with the entire market to cover the domestic of import & export national & international market. To put our customers first.  

Vonlay Skincare Cosmetics is a skincare corporation that is a establishment that care for our customers, & our establishment, that always puts them first. That was provided & design by the Owner/Founder/CEO Mr. Anthony Delvon Douglas himself, to provide services for the entire community.Which means that with great hygiene, with a clean mind, body, & spirit, equals a clear a conscious.

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